Came back to Israel because "...we wanted to?"

The newly, democratically-elected Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, recently spoke to a group of students at a 'Birthright' event.  While I certainly agree with the Prime Minister's statements, I was concerned about the tone of his remarks.  This is a very critical time for Israel, and their actions will determine what will happen next.  The video can be found here.

My comments to the video were these:

[Prime Minister Netanyahu's statements were] ...absolutely true.  But God is responsible for this, you know; give HIM the glory!  The Israelites were kicked out in 586 B.C. for idolatry with Ba'al and Ashtoreth according to the covenant; but God loves Israel with an everlasting love--He preserved and restored them as He promised.  In 70 A.D., the Jews were kicked out again--this time for idolatry to self worship:  the lust for power, position, and self-righteousness (pride) leading to rejection of the Messiah, Yeshua.  They missed the "time of their visitation".  But God loves His people with an EVERLASTING love--He preserved them, and is restoring them according to His promises.  This time, the opportunity exists for Israel to NEVER be removed from their land again!  A New Covenant, prophesied in Jeremiah 31:31-34 and Ezekiel 36:22-38 was made through the blood of Yeshua.  He was the perfect sacrifice, and was resurrected to become the Eternal High Priest. 

Israel has a choice: return to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in the New Covenant and be restored to the land forever, or attempt to eke out an existence by their own self-righteousness and pride.  This is not a matter of pulling oneself up by the bootstraps of the human spirit; God will not allow self-worship to reign in Israel ever again!  What did God say to Israel at Mt. Sinai? "I will be your God, and you will be My people."  In order to partake of the New Covenant, one must put their confidence in God alone.  It is only one's birthright if one worships the God who GAVE that right. 

Israel must follow the example of their ancestor David, whose rock and fortress was El Shaddai, not his own ability to throw a good stone.  While God has given His people great ingenuity, wisdom, knowledge, and fortitude, these were not given to inspire self-confidence.  The Iron Dome will not save them, nor is it that God will take action only when the Iron Dome fails.  It is God ALONE who saves.  ...Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,says the Lord Almighty."  (Zechariah 4:6b) 

On the encouraging flip-side, no back-door deal between Obama and Iran will undo the decrees of the King of the Universe; no coalition of Muslim terror groups can tear up the treaty God has made.  The UN is laughable; why do the nations plot in vain against the LORD of hosts?  But there is one thing that will delay God's promises.  If the current generation in Israel does not turn back to the LORD God, He will remove them again.  Just as the original generation of Israelites failed to reach the Promised Land because they refused to put their trust in the Great 'I AM', the current generation will fail if they do not return to God on His terms.  He loves Israel and will always preserve her; but He will permanently restore only the generation that does what is right by worshipping God through acceptance of the New Covenant.  He will not hesitate to remove them again; He has time to wait.  Will this be the generation of return?  We will find out...