General Disclaimer

This is an informational site that gathers content from various sources; not everything here was created by Judeo-Christian in Charlotte.  Links to content not generated by Judeo-Christian in Charlotte is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a de facto endorsement of said ministry or of the person(s) who originally generated the content.  Such links contained in the Reference Library may indicate more general agreement, but this disclaimer still applies.  Likewise, appearance of my materials on another website does not necessarily constitute a relationship between this site and any other ministry, organization, or persons. 

Concerning Explanations of Religious Groups and Traditions

When we are not familiar with a certain culture, whether that be ethnic, religious, societal, political, etc., our first impression is to categorize that culture from a monolithic viewpoint—to see its beliefs and its people from a ‘black and white’ perspective e.g. “all X are the same”. It is human nature to engender stereotypes and to assign labels to those stereotypes, because this is how we differentiate one experience from another. However, both Judaism and Christianity are very diverse, and there are many traditions, interpretations of Scripture, fundamental beliefs, and practices that are as nuanced as the people themselves.

I personally was raised as a Christian, with exposure to a number of different denominations, each with its own particular worldview. Though I am studying all the time for informational purposes, I have very little experience with Talmudic Judaism; I do not claim to be an expert, nor is the purpose of this website to present a ‘perfect’ halachah (halachah means ‘walk’ in Hebrew and refers to one’s practice of tradition or way of life).

As a Judeo-Christian, my halachah is the relationship I have with the living, active presence of YHWH through the Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth by the power of His Holy Spirit who lives inside of all believers that receive Him. On this website, I will pull from various Christian and Jewish traditions that I find helpful to connect us with Biblical faith. In explaining some of these traditions, I may speak stereotypically to provide context and clarity; simply understand that it is a great wide world, and we are all limited in our view.