Recommended Reading List

The Judeo-Christian

This book provides a solid foundation for anyone whose heart God is drawing toward biblical faith—the singular destination for the people of God, both Jew and Gentile worshipers of YHWH as one family in the nation of Israel.

Many Christians are asking, "What is Judeo-Christianity all about, and how does it impact me? If Jesus is the answer for everything—if He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, then why does it matter what God does with the Jews, and what does Judaism have to do with my relationship to God?" The Judeo-Christian offers some biblical, practical, and simple common-sense answers to the questions many people are asking, which may surprise you—whether you are Christian or Jewish, a long-time practitioner of your faith or a seeker. Find out how the prophetic destiny of the people of God relates to you today!

The Upside-Down Kingdom

My first full-length book is a series of interrelated discussions on major themes of the Judeo-Christian story which resurrects a forgotten perspective of this epic saga of the ages. Comprehensive enough to provide a systematic study yet simplistic in style, this volume seeks to place an understanding of life in the upside-down kingdom within reach of everyone, regardless of one's experiences and background. The title was born from the concept of the kingdom of God being completely upside-down to the thinking of men.  Come join the journey!

Pagan Christianity

Though I disagree completely and am somewhat shocked by the authors' conclusions concerning Judaism and all things Jewish (considering their material), what I really liked about this book is how authors George Barna and Frank Viola drilled down to the everyday behaviors of today's Christianity and showed the pagan roots of these practices.  The pagan connection to Christmas, Easter, Sunday worship, and other Constantinian Christian observances is easy to see; but when one realizes the depth of pagan influence with regard to everyday religious behavior, a whole new world of healthy questioning begins to open, causing one to evaluate God's Will for their daily practice.

The Forgotten Ways

Alan Hirsch does a fantastic job explaining how the church was built on small-group relationships based on shared experience (I would add shared identity) and how to integrate God's blueprint into today's church.

Agape Road

This book should be on every Christian's Top 10 list of essential books to read.  Bob Mumford explains with clarity and simplicity the difference between God-worship and self-worship by contrasting two of the Greek words for love: agape and eros.  NOTE:  In the book, Bob relates the concept of the 'eros hook', which I would attribute to a third Greek word for love, phileo.

The Kingdom of God

In this scholarly classic, John Bright explores the varying shades of meaning attributed to this phrase, "the kingdom of God", providing today's Christian a fresh look at its implications for us in the present.  NOTE:  By expanding along John's line of thought to encompass all of history to future events predicted in Scripture, I was able to extrapolate ten phases of the kingdom which I share in my book, The Upside-Down Kingdom.

Article:  Paul Misinterpreted?

Has the New Covenant abolished the Law of Moses?  Find out how the Church may have misinterpreted the writings of the most scholarly New Testament apostle.

Jesus Wars

Read the special book review I wrote for this tome of history on my blog.

Messiah in the Feasts of Israel

An excellent study by Rabbi Sam Nadler of how the holidays of the Jewish Levitical Calendar symbolize God's redemptive plan for mankind in the person of Yeshua HaMaschiach (Jesus Christ).

Playing with Holy Fire

Dr. Michael Brown is a seasoned believer that brings together the often opposing worlds of Biblical scholarship, Charismatic theology, and Messianic Jewish expression to provide a very balanced view on a number of different topics, and is featured very heavily here on this website. This book is a timely critique from a long-time insider to the Charismatic movement that provided personal healing for me as I had been abused by persons within this stream of Christianity; and he provides a way forward, delineating the truth of the Holy Spirit's work today from the con-artistry often witnessed by critics of the movement.

The Unseen Realm: Recovering the Supernatural Worldview of the Bible

Backed by a lifetime of solid scholarship, Dr. Michael Heiser unpacks the Biblical story from end to end from the perspective of the ancient Jewish (and Middle Eastern) cosmological worldview. Of particular interest are the concept of the divine council, influences of Enochian literature, the threefold Messianic mission, and the subsequent enlightened perspective one gains into spiritual warfare.