...and at the PRAYER BREAKFAST of all places?

Orignially posted on Facebook, 2/5/15.

Wow. Our pretender to a pretend throne did it again; Obama's speech at the National Prayer Breakfast was actually masterfully done. I'm impressed by how he was able to take the truth and twist it in just such a way that he is not only supporting the New Age lie that all religions are equal, but comes off looking humble and conciliatory in the process! There are a few things that must be said in response to this: First, it must be acknowledged by Christians loudly enough so that the rest of the world hears us that Christian people throughout history have at times indeed committed terrible acts against each other and outsiders: dyophysites against monophysites, Christians against Jews, Christians against Muslims, Catholics against Orthodox, Catholics against Protestants, Calvinists against Arminians, the Amish, and Mennonites, Anglicans against Puritans, much of Western Christianity against blacks and Native Americans (many of these could be vice-versa). People bearing the name of Christ have tortured, beheaded, raped, disemboweled, burned people alive, enslaved others, etc. TRUE. Read your history. BUT, persons naming themselves as Christian DOES NOT mean they reflect the values of Jesus Christ or the values of Biblical Christianity. NOWHERE in the New Covenant Scriptures can you find a TRACE of evidence condoning this kind of behavior. When Constantine acquired Christendom and married it to the political machine of the state, he plunged it into a nightmarish alternate universe from which we are only now emerging. Secondly (and tied to the first), while Biblical Christianity does not condone this kind of violence, Islam which follows the Quran COMMANDS it. The things we are seeing from terrorist groups all over the world are the NATURAL outcome of the Islamic faith, NOT the exception. When a Christian makes a practice of violence, he/she does so in OPPOSITION to the Christian faith; in Islam, a person is violent in ACCORDANCE with their faith, and opposes their faith when being peacefully co-existent with non-Muslims. Thirdly, while many Christians (especially those in power) were violent through the ages, vastly more of them REVOLUTIONIZED the world. It was the influence of Judeo-Christianity that humanized much of the world's governing systems, that gave the world a conscience with regard to human dignity--especially toward women and children, that outlawed slavery throughout the British Empire and in America, that fought for freedom for the world's inhabitants against oppressors virtually everywhere, that spoke against the Holocaust and saved Jews to their own peril, that condemned the evils of Communism, that travailed in missions all over the world, feeding the poor, healing the sick, and educating and lifting those who had nothing, that fought for the life of the unborn, and on and on it goes. It is BECAUSE of Christianity that the American idea of religious 'pluralism' and freedom exists; nowhere in the non-Christian world do you find 'tolerance' of any kind. So, Mr. President, not all religions are equal; and while Christians certainly aren't perfect, our Scriptures say we are on a journey toward perfect holiness and love; and the majority of us are striving for that goal. Islam is rediscovering their dream of domination, violence, death, and destruction. Don't put us in the same universe--let alone on equal footing.

See the Original Video from the Prayer Breakfast here.  The part containing the content driving my comments begins at 8:00 and ends at 11:08.